Enlighten Whitening

Direct from the Enlighten research laboratories comes the range of Evolution teeth whitening products.

This is the only teeth whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1- no matter what the existing shade of your teeth. Enlighten is the world leader in professional teeth whitening- combining  in-depth research, cutting edge technology and a true passion to create exceptional products which deliver  the best results in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Enlighten whitening treatments guarantee the most effective results of any other products- bleaching teeth by up to 16 shades- giving incredible results.

In just a few weeks you can experience brighter, whiter teeth in the comfort of your own home with our tray-based whitening treatments or following a few visits to our practice.We’ve selected the most effective whitening treatments available and can help you achieve the look you’ve been hoping for. When you attend for a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists, they will assess your suitability for treatment before recommending the best option for you. In addition, we offer patients finance plans so you don’t have to worry about the cost of treatment and can spread the cost of your new smile over a pre-agreed period of time.

The benefits of Enlighten teeth whitening:

  • No matter how dark your teeth, Enlighten can guarantee B1 results
  • Minimal sensitivity caused by treatment
  • No UV lights required
  • No lip/gum/cheek protection required
  • No dehydration whitening used
  • Highly safe – using bleaches that have been used in dentistry for a decade
  • Fully optimised technology giving highly predictable results
  • Results can be easily maintained with bi-monthly treatments at home

How does it work?

Enlighten Evolution 3 combines an at-home treatment with a final in-surgery boost.

After taking impressions of your teeth, customised super seal trays will be produced for you at the Enlighten laboratories. These comfortable and discreet trays, which are unique to the Enlighten system, will fit your teeth perfectly.

You will need to wear these trays each night for 2 weeks followed by a visit to us on the 15th day for a 40 minute booster treatment.

Even though the results are dramatic you may be surprised to find out that they concentration of bleach used is just 25% of that used in other treatments. This is because the unique super seal trays directly contribute to the success of treatment.

Do the results look natural?

Yes. Even though the shade of your teeth will change dramatically the results will still look natural. Enlighten is particularly effective for those with tough stains.  The system is safe and long-lasting and following treatment, results can be maintained by simply wearing the trays around 6 times a year- or once every couple of months.


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